Chameleon's VisualVM OSGi Plugin

A set of tools will be developed in the Chamelon project for administering OSGi based applications. The initial tool available enables basic OSGi administration features in a graphical console integrated to the VisualVM tool as a plugin. Please follow the instructions below for installing Chamelon's VisualVM OSGi plugin.

Installation instructions

Utilization instructions

  • On the "Applications" view of the VisualVM, click on the Java process that corresponds to the OSGi application which has the chameleon-beans bundle started.
  • Verify if an OSGi tab is displayed on the right side, as in the figure below
  • Click on the tab so you can get information about the executing OSGi platform
  • On the textbox below the bundles list, you can type a bundle URL and install it by hitting the button.
  • By right clicking any of the listed bundles, a pop up menu will be displayed. You can start, stop, update or uninstall the selected bundle.

Automatic refresh

If any bundle is installed, uninstalled or has its state changed, the VisualVM OSGi plugin will be notified and the GUI will be refreshed. The same principle applies to any changes on set of registered services in the inspected OSGi application.

The VisualVM OSGi Plugin in Action

Images of the VisualVM OSGi plugin being used can be seen below, inspecting the Glassfish and OW2 JOnAS application servers respectively.

*Installation of the bundles on the applications of the above screen-shots:

In order to deploy the OSGi bundle in Glassfish, you can place it on the modules folder of you glassfish installation, or you can also install it manually via the telnet remote shell (if you have enabled it in the felix/config/ by typing:

telnet localhost 6666

A simple way to install an OSGi bundle in JOnAS is by dropping your bundle (chameleon-beans.jar in our case) in the deploy/ directory of your JOnAS installation. It will be automatically installed and started.

You can also enable the Felix console at start up and later execute the start command:

>$ jonas start -tui
. . .
> start file:PATH_TO_chameleon-beans.jar